Moab Adventure Day 3:

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019:

We made it to Moab!!!

We pulled into the Moab KOA around 3pm today.

The day was designed to be a short, easy drive, just 198 miles. But it still took us 5 hours, and that last hour seemed to stretch on forever. We were all so eager to arrive and explore. No one actually said it out loud, but we were all thinking, “Are we there yet?”

It was fun to watch Mike enjoy the scenery and try to take cell phone photos of the towering red mountains. As we neared closer to Moab, each curve in to roadway revealed a more majestic view. Fred kept telling him, “Just you wait… It gets so much better.” Pictures never do it justice.

We stopped at the Costco in Spanish Fork to fuel up the RV and the Jeep. Fred doesn’t tow the Jeep with a full tank of gas to keep it a little lighter. Gas only cost $2.50/gallon.

By the time we got to Moab our plans had changed a bit. It took longer to set up the RV than usual because the automatic leveling system was acting up and jacking the RV ridiculously high into the air. None of the wheels were touching the ground at one point. The thing had us bouncing around like we were in a blinged-out Cadillac on air bags. I thought we were going to tip over a few times.
We ended up scrapping the afternoon exploration. Instead, we each took a little “me time” and relaxed in our own way. Fred took a little nap, Mike did some reading, and I did a little TRX & Yoga. I treated myself to a tiny ice cream from the camp store afterward.

We reconvened around 5:30 pm to head out for dinner.
We took Mike to our favorite Moab restaurant, Antica Forma. It did not disappoint! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal, and dessert. We got back to the RV in time to watch the end of game 2 of the World Series. Mike is rooting for the Nationals, so he really enjoyed the game.

Tomorrow we meet up with the Jeep Jamboree folks at 4pm to check-in and pick the trails we want to run. So we have the whole morning to explore. We will probably go to Arches National Park in the morning and then grab lunch.

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