Day 26: Lobster Rolls at Brax

What a great April Monday. The sun was shinning and the breeze was light (for the most part). My morning walk was a little chilly but it warmed up by the afternoon. Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill came over for a quick visit after 11-ish. We chatted until just after noon. We raided the fridge... Continue Reading →

Day 25: Day trip to Maine

The day started off beautiful and sunny. We got up early and started our road trip to Maine to visit Fred's sister Cathy and her family. We took two cars so we didn't have to squish 3 adults into the backseat. Car companies claim 3 adults will fit in one, but unless the person in... Continue Reading →

Day 24: Rest Day

Just a lazy day. Surprisingly, the sun did come out and we enjoyed it with a short drive to a few nearby beaches. Besides resting, our secondary goal today was to clear the refrigerator of leftovers. Tonight's post is just a quicky to say we are still having a blast and doing well 😊 Tommorow... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Crazy Rain Day

We had a great visit this morning from the Gould family: Donald and Mary and their daughter Ina. Donald and Mary are letting us keep our RV in their backyard. They are in their 90's and still going strong. The Goulds were a vital part of the Oakes family's close circle of friends and neighbors... Continue Reading →

Day 22: The Drone Takes Flight

What a beautiful, busy day!We started it off with a 2 hour leisurely breakfast with Jacqui, Michael and Marey.Then we had a visit from Fred's Uncle Bill. We chatted and heard stories of how it used to be and the kind of shinanigans that you could get away with once upon a time that would... Continue Reading →

Day 21: A beautiful sunny day

Today the sun came out and dried us out a little. I opened a curtain while laying in bed and the sun hit Trina right in the face. I am pretty sure she enjoyed that. A beautiful sunset after dinner. My brother and his wife arrived today and are staying for a week. Lobster rolls... Continue Reading →

Day 20: A day in fast forward

Today flew by. I feel like we packed a lot into it. We did little grocery shopping... Hoping that by day 2 post-strike, the Stop & Shop would have some produce by now. It is better but still not fully stocked yet. The set up is pretty cool though. They give you the check-out scanner... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Another rainy day

It has rained everyday we've been on the Cape. I wanna go outside and get some sun 😎. I wanna go for a long walk. I might just go for a walk tomorrow, even in the rain. I experimented with hanging my TRX in the basement today. I had to get Fred to hang it... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Easter Sunday

It rained hard all night last night and was overcast most of the day, but mid-afternoon the sun came out, and gave us a beautiful sunset. Fred and I started off the day with a drive on beach, down on the bay where he grew up. We had it all to ourselves. It was just... Continue Reading →

Day 17: A liesurely day on the Cape

Long breakfasts at Mom's are the gold standard for our visits. This morning we sat down to coffee, waffles, and and English muffins. We ate slow and chatted the morning away. We talked about everything under the sun. You name it, from the death penalty to transgender 7 year-olds, Michael Jackson, Easter dinner plans, picket... Continue Reading →

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