Day 16: Made it to Mom’s

Good Friday Morning 🌞

We both had a bit of a restless night. The campsite turned out to be a little closer to the freeway than we originally thought so a Jake Brake alarm clock woke us regularly throughout the night. We woke the last time around 7am. Fred was eager to rise and shine and celebrate the day with an egg and pancake breakfast. The man has mastered breakfast!

A quick clean up and we were on the road by 9:30am. Our goal for the day… Cape Cod!

We were determined to make it all the way today. We took Google’s 4 hour & 48 minute estimate and factored in another hour for gas and lunch and aimed to be there by 3:30pm-ish.

We were also hoping to beat the rain storms headed our way. A very aggressive storm popped up in the east during the night and was headed our way. The clouds were closing in on us but we managed to stay ahead of it.

We quickly crossed into New York, saw some beautiful scenary (we purposely avoided the city) and paid $10 to cross the Hudson River. What I’ve learned about roads this trip: Freeways are not free, even after all those dang taxes. And they beat the crap out of you. After all the pot holes we have hit, I feel like we will need to replace our tires after this trip.

We made great time and decided to make a quick pit stop at a rest stop and make sandwiches instead of stopping for lunch. We also polished off last night’s cookies (to recover from all the pot holes.)

We breezed through Connecticut and we’re really feeling good and energized as we neared the Massachusetts boarder.

We got a good laugh when we got to MA and their turnpike toll road was all fast pass and license plate readers. There was no cash option anywhere. We tried to be good citizens. Hopefully MA can track us down and send us a bill from the photo of our temporary CA plates.

When we got to the Sagamore Bridge and crossed the Cape Cod Canal, we had finally made it to Cape Cod. Fred was beaming and we high-fived to celebrate. Traffic was a lot lighter than we had imagined it would be for a holiday weekend.

The last short push to Harwich flew by and before we knew it, we were waiving to Fred’s mom Jacqui from the RV.

We did some catching up and settled in for a night of pizza and Bruins Hockey.

What a great day!

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  1. Welcome home from your Cape Cod cousin!! I can see Aunt Jac in the window. She must be so thrilled!! I hope that you can join us for Easter dinner. We’re kind of a mish mash but can’t wait to see you!!


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