Day 17: A liesurely day on the Cape

Long breakfasts at Mom’s are the gold standard for our visits. This morning we sat down to coffee, waffles, and and English muffins. We ate slow and chatted the morning away. We talked about everything under the sun. You name it, from the death penalty to transgender 7 year-olds, Michael Jackson, Easter dinner plans, picket lines and unions (because the local grocery store chain, the ‘Stop & Shop’ is closed due to a union strike). We bounced from topic to topic. We wrapped up breakfast just in time to shower and decide what to eat for lunch. I love it though. It’s not often in this hectic world that you get to relax and sit around the breakfast table as long as you want.

After breakfast, I took Michael’s (Fred’s brothers) advice on how to pay the turnpike toll fees we racked up yesterday. Apparently the proper/moral thing to do is go online and pay them, rather than hoping the state doesn’t really have the capability of tracking you down.

Massachusetts makes it hard to be compliant with the law. Their website is not very user friendly but I muddled through it for karma’s sake. I created an account with all our info, so we’ll see if a bill ever shows up.

We went to the 400 Club for lunch and had giant fancy cheese burgers. Then we took a little drive down to see the bay and see how the area has grown up with new houses, expansions, and remodels.

With each visit home Fred always makes note of the changes and growth to his home town (some good, some not so much). The Cape so different even from the first time Fred brought me here about 8 years ago.

We came back home and it was siesta time. What liesurely day doesn’t include a little nap? The rainy weather set the sleepy tone and you just can’t fight it … Nor should you on vacation.

About mid-afternoon we decided to firm up our Easter plans for tomorrow. We were not sure when we would actually arrive on the Cape, so we didn’t make plans for Easter ahead of time. We were blessed to have a few different dinner offers, one from Fred’s cousin Julie who lives on the Cape and one from Fred’s sister Cathy who lives in Maine but wanted to drive down for the day.

I am always amazed at Fred’s big-hearted family and how they are so open and eager to invite people in and make room for one more at the table so to speak. They are naturally and genuinely welcoming and willing to share everything they have. It makes you feel so at ease and welcome.

My family is more awkward and private, and more inclined to peek out the window (between the slats in the blinds) at visitors than to invite them in for dinner.

We decide to take Cathy up on her offer to drive down with a ham & potatoes. We offered to provide the veggies and rolls.

We drove to Orleans to hit the Shaw’s Market. It was packed, even more so than the regular day-before-Easter rush. They were also picking up shoppers left hanging by the strike at the Stop and Shop. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be though. The store was well stocked and the lines went fast.

Back at home we had some leftovers for dinner and Fred baked some more cookies. I am so spoiled! And extremely lucky to have a husband who loves me and loves cooking for me!

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