CT Scan Results/HospitalšŸ˜©

Update: Wed: July 31, 2019: Soā€¦ Fred had his CT scan yesterday (Tues: 7/30/18) to see what's been causing his extreme abdominal pain and swelling, and preventing him from eating for the last two weeks. His GP doctor, Dr. Hwang called him today just before noon with the results: Fred has a partial, small bowel... Continue Reading →

1st Week of Treatment Down

Thursday: July 25, 2019: Well, we made it through the first week... It wasn't all that pretty... Infusion Day was Thursday, July 18th, and that day went ok. The next two days were not that bad. Keeping up with the giant fanny-pack containing the chemo pump was a pain, but other than that, it wasn't... Continue Reading →

Port Placement & Chemo Day 1

Thursday, July 18th, 2019: Busy week... On Tuesday, July 16, Fred started off the day with a visit to his regular GP doctor to discuss his lingering pneumonia symptoms and GI issues and see if he was healthy enough to get his port placed in a few hours. Pretty much the medical opinion during that... Continue Reading →

New Plan: July 8, 2019

We have been waiting for Fredā€™s appointment with his oncologist, Dr. Behl, to post an update on Fredā€™s health. As many of you know, Fredā€™s health started to slowly decline about halfway through our trip. It didnā€™t stop us from having a blast on our trip and we have never, ever regretted embarking on our... Continue Reading →

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