Day 23: Crazy Rain Day

We had a great visit this morning from the Gould family: Donald and Mary and their daughter Ina. Donald and Mary are letting us keep our RV in their backyard. They are in their 90’s and still going strong. The Goulds were a vital part of the Oakes family’s close circle of friends and neighbors that really shaped Fred’s open, sharing nature and sense of community involvement.

It started raining around 10am today and turned into quite the storm by 2pm- ish. We went to a great pizza place for lunch and by the time we sat down, the storm began. We stayed in the restaurant to wait out the intense wind and rain.

We made it back home safe and sound and Fred and I relaxed while Jacqui, Marey, and Michael took advantage of a break in the storm to go to the Coast Guard Station we visited the other day to look at the ocean.

By the time they got back to the house, the weather was getting nasty again.

We decided to stay in for dinner. Michael and Marey prepared us a very delicious salmon feast, which we ate by candlelight.

We joked that we would set the candles out for ambiance and just in case the power went out. We saw some good flashes of lightening but never lost power.

It’s supposed to be stormy like this all weekend. So we will have to get creative with our rainy day activities… Perhaps some puzzles.

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  1. Please have Fred lie down in the spot where his father laid him out when he became a “man” and no longer had to call his mother to report that he would be out late. I would like to see a photo of that so I can get a visual of that story. Also, I want to know where the house was that Fred and his friend broke all the windows and Mike ran home to rat him out. Thank you. D


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