Day 22: The Drone Takes Flight

What a beautiful, busy day!We started it off with a 2 hour leisurely breakfast with Jacqui, Michael and Marey.Then we had a visit from Fred’s Uncle Bill. We chatted and heard stories of how it used to be and the kind of shinanigans that you could get away with once upon a time that would tie you up with lawsuits and jail time these days.We had a quick lunch and then went over to the RV to give a little tour and show off our road-home. We all fit quite comfortably in there.Michael even took a look at our battery latch conundrum. We figured we would get free advice from an engineer.Then we came back to the house and played with the drone :)Fred made a video of the maiden flight and took great pleasure with the petrified look I had on my face when the drone popped up off the deck and hovered at my eye-level, 3feet from my face. It scared the crap out of me.I used the auto launch button and I guess I didn’t really expect it to work so well. I got the most wicked jolt of adrenaline when that drone launched. I immediately pushed the auto land button so I could breath again. Apparently I was holding my breath. If Alfred Hitchcock was still alive he could make a terrifying movie about drones! The sound they make really let’s you know how fast those blades are spinning.I couldn’t get Fred’s video to load for the blog but I will keep working on it.After a few minutes of flight I really began to enjoy it. The fear turned to pleasure. I can absolutely tell we will have many good times with this thing.After our play time we BBQ’d a chicken, a spatchcocked hen … Yes, that is a real culinary term. It’s where you cut the spine out of a chicken and smash him flat on the grill so that he cooks evenly and quickly. It’s our favorite way to barbecue with chicken and it comes out great.This morning the neighbor across the street brought over some fresh clams (Quahogs or Cherry Stones as the locals call them). Uncle Bill was quick to correct those that called them clams. The neighbor digs them out of the ocean shore just down the road. Michael shucked the Quahogs for some dinner hors d’oeuvres.The quahogs were delicious and Fred and Michael happily finished them off.Then we all settled in for a family dinner. While listening to the Bruins game on the TV like good sports fans do in game 1. The Bruins won in overtime. And bonus, the Red Sox won as well.Marey baked some delicious cookies for dessert and we ate all but one cookie by the end of the night.

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