Day 21: A beautiful sunny day

Today the sun came out and dried us out a little. I opened a curtain while laying in bed and the sun hit Trina right in the face. I am pretty sure she enjoyed that. A beautiful sunset after dinner. My brother and his wife arrived today and are staying for a week. Lobster rolls are in the near future.

Today’s tinkering adventure: This latch on the RV’s battery box has been undone since day two of the trip. I opened it to check on the batteries and have been unable to get it secured again. I am sure it is something simple.

I was kneeling on the RV steps outside looking at it when Mr. Gould came out to see if I needed any tools. He was in his bathrobe as it was early. Mrs. Gould then asked if Trina had thrown me out and I was begging for forgiveness. Such nice people. I have known them my whole life. Our RV is currently parked in their driveway. Thank you so much for letting us use the space.

No trip is complete without a visit to Chatham light. Such a beautiful day.

This gull sat very still until Trina tried to take a picture. We always get the best end.

Such a beautiful view. It is amazing how much the waterways change. There were a lot of seals in the water but we did not see a shark.

Mom and I discussing something in her car. (A drone was flying by)

No trip is complete without a fish sandwich at the Kream n Kone. They use local fresh fish. So tasty.

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