Day 20: A day in fast forward

Today flew by. I feel like we packed a lot into it.

We did little grocery shopping… Hoping that by day 2 post-strike, the Stop & Shop would have some produce by now. It is better but still not fully stocked yet. The set up is pretty cool though. They give you the check-out scanner when you walk in the door and you scan all your own groceries as you shop. Then when you check out, all you have to do is hand the cashier your scanner and pay your bill. It’s pretty sweet and fast. (Every now and then, they will pick a random person to audit their shopping cart to prevent dishonesty.)

Then we went to visit the family gravesite and visited where Fred’s dad is laid to rest. A must for every visit.

The cloudy morning actually gave way to a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon and I finally got to go for my walk. I also moved the TRX to the garage for an allergy free workout and some yoga.

Fred didn’t work out today. But he’s feeling fine and happy.

We took a little drive to Hyannis and did a little shopping at the Vitamin Shoppe. There is a Friendly’s out there too so of course we stopped for a Coffee Fribble and one small scoup of vanilla ice cream.

Then we made a Boboli pizza for dinner, 80% Canadian bacon and pineapple & 20% olives and cheese for mom. And we watch the Bruins win game 7!

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