Day 19: Another rainy day

It has rained everyday we’ve been on the Cape. I wanna go outside and get some sun 😎. I wanna go for a long walk. I might just go for a walk tomorrow, even in the rain.

I experimented with hanging my TRX in the basement today. I had to get Fred to hang it up for me becuase I couldn’t reach the rafters. I haven’t been keeping up with my physical therapy exercises since this trip started. I know better than to go so long without them. I regret it everytime I do. I accidentally left half my gear at home too. So that’s been a convenient excuse to do nothing for 3 weeks. When I get sedentary, I get very achy and stiff, and subsequently cranky and depressed with my “new normal.”

So it felt great to be active again today. I reminded myself that I can still do something.

But something in the basement activated my allergies so I may need to find a new spot to workout. I bought a yoga mat and foam roller this afternoon so I have no excuse now! Maybe I will try out the garage tomorrow.

We visited Fred’s uncle Bill and Aunt Lois this afternoon. We had a good long visit. They live just down the road from Fred’s mom. Fred’s mom Jacqui and uncle Bill can trace their ancestors to the Mayflower landing, from the Nickerson family tree. Many sights around the Cape are named after their family. So really, today we hung out with Cape Cod royalty.

The local grocery store strike ended last night so we tried to do a little shopping this evening. We wanted to treat Jacqui to a Taco night. Taco night is a weekly staple for Fred and I. And although the Stop and Shop was open, it was not well stocked. The produce/meat/bakery sections were baren. We were able to make do though. The tacos were still tasty without cilantro and we found some packaged, fancy “free-range beef” that was still within it’s sell by date range.

And for dessert… fresh baked chocolate chip cookies of course. I’m going to make the journey home in stretchy pants!!

It will be a long time before stretchy pants are needed for this girl.

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