Baking cookies

Fred has been so eager to test out the convection/microwave oven in the RV. Niether one of us has ever used one before. So today we bought some chocolate chip cookie dough to do a test bake.

I was extremely sceptical because the oven did not come with instructions on how to operate it. Fred has complete confidence in himself and the process as he has just watched a YouTube video. What could go wrong right? In my mind explosions, fires, CO2..

Ever since I accidentally made mustard gas one year summer while cleaning the bathtub, I have been very affraid of odd smells and poisoning myself with off-gasing chemicals and fumes.

Fred thinks it’s funny to watch me squirm in nervousness and open all the windows when ever I clean or cook (or try to cook anyhow).

So Fred pulls out the new baking pan we purchased today and the cookie dough. He puts 4 little blobs of dough in the pan (it’s a very tiny pan & a very tiny oven). And I proceed to open all the windows & turn on all the exhaust fans. The wind is picking up due to the approaching storm (about 27MPH). But I don’t care.

As the little oven preheats, I begin to smell something. Tiny particles of what looks like smoke to me are visible floating up into the exhaust fan just above the kitchen. I’m freaking out.

Fred gives me his signature catch phrase, “You’ll be fine.” This never seems to ease my fears and infact usually irritates me because he is always so chill, no mater what. Fred says, “It’s just dust.”

Now I am frantically Googling, “New microwave smells.” And I find mixed info. Everything from “Call Sears right away,” to, “It’s totally normal.”

I finally decide it is probably is ok after reading the GE website. I do smell the microwave, but it’s apparently normal. And wouldn’t you believe it, 13 minutes later we are eating perfect freaking cookies & Fred is just grinning at me. I have to admit, the man can bake!

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