Day 26: Lobster Rolls at Brax

What a great April Monday. The sun was shinning and the breeze was light (for the most part). My morning walk was a little chilly but it warmed up by the afternoon.

Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill came over for a quick visit after 11-ish. We chatted until just after noon.

We raided the fridge for lunch-time left overs and everyone kind of did their own thing to relax for this afternoon – sort of a recovery day from yesterday’s long drive. Fred took a little nap and I went for a walk around the bay just down the street from the house.

Michael repaired a broken piece of the dinning hutch with McGyver like engineering skills, using only rubber bands, Elmer’s glue, and a Q-tip. We will know by tomorrow if it worked 😊

There is a restaurant on the Cape that is pretty well know for giant, delicious Lobster Rolls: Brax Landing. We go there everytime we come to visit. We usually go there for lunch and sit outside on the patio that over looks the harbor. It is the kind of place you can imagine Angela Landsbury sipping a cold drink on an episode of Murder She Wrote.

We sat inside tonight because the sun was setting and it was getting cold, fast. You can still see the harbor from inside so it’s almost as nice. It’s very nautical themed inside, with brass railings and dark mahogany wood everywhere. It’s quite a cozy place.

We started off with “Cherry Stones,” the quahogs on a half shell served fresh. Then we all loosened our belts and chowed down on lobster rolls.

Almost every place on the Cape serves lobster rolls. Usually they are on skinny hot dog buns with chopped up lobster and gobs of mayo, much like a tuna salad. Brax uses heaps of meaty chunks of lobster in a light mayonnaise spread with chives … Or something that looks like chives that crunch when you bite them. All served in a delicate, fresh tasting bread roll. It’s gotta weigh 2 lbs.

I wasn’t going to eat one this time around because my food allergies have been so bad recently, but I could not pass on this opportunity to share something so awesome with Fred. I rolled the dice… So far so good.

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