Day 27: Just Hanging Out

Just a simple Tuesday. It was a cold, rainy day today. But not rainy with big rain drops. Rainy with the kind of heavy, misty air that clings enough to eye glasses and windshields that it’s super annoying.

I still went for my morning walk. I walk in the small neighborhood just behind Jacqui’s house where the traffic is much lighter and I don’t feel like I’m gambling with my life for a bit of morning scenary.

I have been waiting for a resident of this neighborhood to stop me and ask me what I’m doing wondering around their streets every day. Well, today someone finally did. An elderly guy walking his dog finally stopped me to ask me just exactly where I lived, in the politest, New England way of course. I actually found it relieving that someone finally approached me and took a protective interest in their neighborhood. I guess I’m just a paranoid Californian who is always on the lookout for folks who are up to no-good. So bravo old man.

But by the end of the conversation, he had told me his entire life story and given me a tour of his backyard & workshop, and permission to cross through his fenced yard to get back to Jacqui’s place. I guess I have a very trusting face 🙂

While I was walking, Fred and Mike took the RV down to the Chatham Sewer Treatment Plant to dump the holding tanks and drive around long enough to fully charge the batteries. It was a good, brotherly bonding time. They came back pretty cheery

We are probably going to start the next leg of our adventure soon. So we are slowly prepping the RV for takeoff. We think we’ll head down the east coast next.

I had a great chat with Marey about the twists and turns of life and searching for meaning during the journey. I felt way lighter and, dare I say, peaceful afterwards. She really helped me realize just how lucky I am to have this opportunity to travel with Fred and really distill our love for one another along the way.

It’s awesome that I have gained a sister-in-law who is so open and knowledgeable about lifting the human spirit and has the ability to help me see life as not so scary after all.

It just seemed like a very relaxing day. That is if course until we settled in for the evening with pizza and the Bruins game. A sure fire way to ensure you get indigestion is to watch an upsetting hockey game while eating grease and cheese. It didn’t go well for the Bruins or my tummy.

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