Day 28: Touring the Cape

Mike and Marey went back home this morning. So Fred and I saw them off and then took the day to go exploring. Fred drove me by a few of his old hangouts and places he worked. I wished I had some GoPros set up to capture the scenary and Fred’s narration.

We stopped for a quick burger lunch to fuel up and then went cruising.

And we found out Pop-Tarts fit perfectly in the cell phone dock in the Jeep.

We stopped at an old corner store and got all nostalgic with candy and toys. Donald Doane, one of Jacqui’s distant family members, owned the store from 1945-1970. Fred said they used to go there as kids and eat giant pickles out of a pickle barrel on the porch.

Fred bought some licorice and sugared orange slices 🙂

Fred used to have one of these airplanes on the handle bars of his bike. The propeller spins as you ride.

Fred giggled when he found this truck toy. His father owned this model truck once a long time ago. One of Fred’s favorite stories involves that truck and a traffic collision where Fred was ejected out of the bed of the truck when it was broadsided by another car that ran a stop sign. Amazingly, Fred was uninjured.

Next we drove by the Brewster Mobil Station that was managed by Fred’s dad for a while. Fred worked there on his breaks from school. One of Fred’s jobs was changing the oil on local school busses. It kept him busy but he managed to paint his and his buddy’s car in his spare time. Sadly, the shop is gone now.

We explored the Nickerson State Park (The Nickersons are another part of Jacqui’s family. They donated the land for this park.)

We stopped for a rest (and to listen to the Red Sox game) at Sesuit Creek. Fred found an Osprey nest with a mating pair. One bird dropped off a fish to the other while we were watching it.

Next we drove out to Chapin Beach. The shore line of the Cape was really blasted hard by several storms last year. April is usually the month when everything gets cleaned up and prepped for tourist season (Which starts in May). The crappy April weather has slowed down the clean up for sure. A lot of the cabins are still buried in sand. Fred used to come to this beach with his family and hangout all day. They would walk on the flats when the tide was out.

Then we added to our nostalgia tour with grilled sandwiches at D’Angelos. Fred used to come here after the bars closed to get some late night grub. He says it still smells the same…in a good way.

We ended our tour with a drove by the Dennis Port Mobil Station where Fred worked his 1st job. He’d take the bus over there after school. He says that is where he learned some of his best vocabulary. I took a video of it but it won’t post properly, so here are some screen shots of it. It’s all closed down now too.

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  1. Fred, it was great to catch up with you today. You don’t look much different than you did from High School accept for the facial hair. I hope we speak again soon. Enjoy the rest of your adventure together with Trina. I’ll be following the blog…

    Take care!


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