Day 29: Cold and damp

13 days on the Cape and, with the exception of like 4 days, it’s been gray, rainy, and cold the whole time. I’m beginning to feel like I need a UV lamp to simulate some sun on my cheeks 😎.

Today was a deep “bone cold” for my candied-Californian-tooshie. I feel like I get colder now that I have so much titanium in my body, like it’s a tuning fork that send chilly shivers up my spine. I tried to go for a walk but gave up and came back home after about 10 minutes. It was even too cold to TRX in the garage. I was thinking it would be cool… like Rocky IV, when Rocky was working out in Russia and the music montage kept him motivated and warm. Nope. Not me. I’ve become soft and delicate 😦

Other than that, we still managed to stay busy. After breakfast we went over to Ina Gould’s house and chatted about a little bit of everything. She is a lot like Fred in that she left the Cape as a young adult to pursue adventure and explore the world and all it’s opportunities. I love her house and how her family has created a little Gould Village, where they can all live close nearby each other but still have independence, and most importantly, privacy.

We hit the recycling place after that. Jacqui is a serious recycler. I took a panarama photo of the recycling place. Fred walked in super slow motion to try and make it look like an action shot.

Then we stopped by Fred’s old Little League field. Fred remininisced about his games there and how his grandfather would come watch them. His grandfather would sit in his car near the outfield and honk his horn when Fred would make a great play.

Fred’s high school is near the field too so we cruised by that. It was torn down a about 10 years ago and a new school was built on the site. Two neighboring towns we’re joined together to make the student body of this new school. The Cape just doesn’t have the kids and families it used to have. It’s all retirned people and vacationing rich folks these days.

Fred chuckled quite a bit as we drove by the area, remembering all the crazy things he did in high school.

Whitehouse Field is still the same though. It’s by the school too. That’s where the Cape Cod Baseball league plays, the Harwich Mariners. The family used to go watch the games all the time.

We decided to forego pizza for the Bruins game tonight. So we hit the grocery store and bought a quartered chicken, some veggies, and rice. We barbecued, steamed some rice (thanks Pam and
M) and veggies and watched the Bruins win. Other than being cold, it was a great day!

I think I am the luckiest man alive!

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