Day 31: 43inch Upgrade

Jacqui decided today was the day to pull the trigger on a bigger, smarter TV.But 1st we needed lunch. Best Buy can’t be tackled on an empty stomach. We drove into Hyannis and introduced Jacqui to Chick-Fil-A. I find it amazing that Fred had never been to this awesome establishment before this trip, and it’s extra amazing that his mom hadn’t either. What the the odds of meeting 2 people who have never been.They are both fans now. The #5 Grilled Chicken Sandwich with waffle fries has won them both over. I love the sign in the background too. Fred hates the way I say Massachusetts so the sign with the cows spells it out, “Massa-choosetts.” I always say, “Massa-two-chits.” Not on purpose. That’s just how I learned it in California.Hyannis has all the bigger, franchised stores & restaurants and a big shopping mall. That’s where the Best Buy is located. Fred and Jacqui made quick work of picking a TV though. They are both online researchers and pretty much know what they want before they walk in to any store.I wondered around just looking at random things while they looked at TVs. I like big franchise stores sometimes when I am away from home. All the stores like Best Buy or Barnes and Nobles are always the same and I can pretend that I’m home, just running errands, and it just feels cozy for a moment. We’ve been on the road for 31 days now, and it was nice to feel something familiar.After shopping at Best Buy, we went down to the Ferry launch. Hyannis has ferries that run to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a one to two hour boat ride to the islands. Fred and Jackie like to watch the ferries come and go. It’s a bit of a tradition.This area of Hyannis is very artsy too, a lot like San Francisco but way cleaner. Hyannis has artist shacks that visiting artists can rent to display and sell their wares. It reminds me of the street venders at Pier 39 in SF, but neater and more organized because they have tiny, clean shacks instead of hippie blankets, makeshift tables, and stolen shopping carts. You can kind of see them through the rain in that photo. They look like tiny Tuff Sheds, painted bright colors.We wrapped up the afternoon by installing the TV, catching some dinner, and watching the Bruins win their game.

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  1. Oh you two, i am loving your daily chat…just love this…love and miss
    you both…keep on keeping on!!!


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