Day 32: Smith Family Gathering

Today we went to Uncle Bill and Aunt Lois’ house for their Sunday family gathering. Bill & Lois spend Sunday mornings with their kids and grandkids. There are 5 kids total: Greg (RIP), Jimmy (lives in Georgia), Julie, Pam (lives in Colorado), and Scott. So it’s usually just Julie and Scott and their families.That’s who was there today. Julie, her husband Stew, and dog Kirby, and Scott, his wife Meaghan, and two kids Lindsey & Andrew.It was so good to see everyone. We had a great time catching up with everyone and remininiscing about the fun of growing up on the Cape. So many great memories! We were so lucky to be surrounded by loving family and have the opportunity to spend time together!We headed back to the house feeling great from our visit. We had some lunch and some rest and then took a traditional trip to Cuffy’s. We always get Fred’s famous Cape Cod sweatshirts here – a new one every visit 😁It has an Old Navy meets Disney Land quaint kind of charm. There are several of them around the Cape. And they are known for building giant sand sculptures outside the store, and sometimes inside the store. There was a guy building one today when we drove up, in the rain of course.I don’t know what the big bear is all about. But it has a creepy animatronic Disneyland bear kind of vibe. I always feel like those things are watching me.We bought a few things and then drove to the beach to look at the ocean.There is a famous road, Old Wharf Road, near Sea Street Beach. There are a lot of summer cottages near here. Fred has some interesting memories of the place. 😲🤐Somebody could really make a fascinating movie about Fred’s life and all the crazy stuff he did on the Cape growing up!

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