Back to Solid-ish Food!!

Thursday: Sept 12, 2019:

Chemo Cycle #4 & PB&J

It’s been a while since we updated about Fred’s status. We’ve been busy playing with food & binge watching Netflix. (The Great British Baking Show is back…)

We’ve also had some great visits and phone calls from friends to keep our spirits high. It’s all really appreciated!

Everything these past few months has been such a culinary experiment for us. Cooking everyday & grocery shopping or fresh ingredients keeps you so dang busy.

We started with Jello & broth for a few weeks, then moved up to pudding & tomato soup for a few weeks, then pureed beef barley soup and mashed potatoes. That was like Thanksgiving for Fred!!👍😜

We added mushy steamed carrots just last week and all went well. And just 3 days ago we tried home made cupcakes for my birthday!

Cupcakes were the turning point! Not only has Fred mastered the cupcake recipe, but his tummy handled cake and icing like a champ.

He threw me an awesome birthday party too. We called it an “icing party” and made 3 different kinds of icing and whipcream so everyone could decorate their own cupcake. We had a blast with my family.

Then a few days later, he threw me another party at CHP HQ’s EOSS Unit for our friends with a giant Costco cake. He really loves to spoil me. (My sweet tooth is currently out of control – but I’m loving it!)

So today on Chemo Day #4, we pushed the food envelope again… Fred tried a PB&J sandwich & potato chips for lunch.

So far so good!! The chemo seems to be working to shrink the bowel blockage. We are so excited to be adding more foods and calories.

More calories equals more energy and more energy equals tinkering, one of Fred’s favorite pastimes.

He has started rebuilding an old Warn 8274 Winch. It’s in rough shape so it will be a challenge. He is starting to have moments where he feels almost normal. That is such a blessing! We embrace those moments like crazy.

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