The Oakes Brothers’ Moab Adventure  October 21-31 2019

A new adventure begins…

Around the end of this past August Fred commented that he regretted not being able to attend a Jeep Jamboree this year. Jeep Jamborees are awesome, family-oriented weekend long Jeep outings. They are organized through Jeep Jamboree USA (JJUSA) and take place all over the country. We have been going to at least one a year for the last few years and we always have a blast.

Fred’s aggressive treatment schedule and the accelerated progression of his illness prevented us from signing up this year. JJUSA releases the dates and locations in December and they fill up fast! We truly believed there was just no way he would have the health, energy, or honestly, time to attend one this year so we didn’t sign up.

When I heard Fred voice his regret, I decided to take action. I called JJUSA and asked for their help in getting Fred one more Jeep Jamboree. I figured, we had to at least try.

Savannah from JJUSA gladly provided us the opportunity to join a Jamboree. In fact, we could have gone on a Jamboree in Cody, Wyoming that very weekend. Logistically, we could not make that happen, but we jumped on the next one… Moab, Utah.

The Moab Jamboree was scheduled for the end of October. Two and a half months seemed like a really long time away! And I didn’t know if October was in the cards for us, but, we figured, “Who knows right? It never hurts to have a goal and a little hope.”

We signed up. Instantly, Fred was filled with new energy and hope for the future. Something to look forward to invigorated him and changed his outlook tremendously! Instead of lethargically waiting for the end, he began planning to keep going. We didn’t realize we were waiting for the end, but as soon as we set this new goal, it became very obvious that is what we had been doing.

Fred immediately started planning for this next adventure. Almost like he had snorted a little cocaine, he buzzed with energy and enthusiasm again.

Then Fred had a great idea… He thought, “I want to invite my brother.” Fred had been wanting to have an adventure with his brother for a while. But like we all do, he had been putting it off. The timing was never right.

Fred and his brother Mike grew up very close and had amazing adventures together as kids. Just imagine Dennis the Menace with an engineer’s mind, Evil Knievel’s grit, and a brother egging him on and you can guess the kind of “adventures” they had.

So Fred called Mike and invited him. Mike eagerly agreed. Knowing Mike was coming along to Moab energized Fred even more. Plus, the chemo was doing its job and he was gradually adding back normal foods and his oxygen levels were rising. He started putting weight back on. His strength began increasing. This magical combination of chemo, great medical care, and the chance for another adventure with his brother really turned things around for Fred.

Fred researched and planned. He serviced the RV and fixed up his Jeep to ready for the Jamboree. Of course he had the Jeep lifted! … And added a winch.

So that brings us to is weekend. Time for Moab (& a little side trip)

Mike flew out from Virginia and arrived on Oct 19. We picked him up at the airport late Saturday night and pretty much went straight to bed.

Sunday we squeezed in side trip to attend a luncheon put on by Guy Fieri at the Peterson Winery in Healdsburg, CA. CHP’s Golden Gate Division’s Memorial Wall Fund coordinated the luncheon as a fundraiser.

It was a long drive for us (2.5 hours each way from Sacramento) but it was fun. And we got to meet Guy Fieri. We always watch “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” so we couldn’t miss this opportunity.

It wasn’t really practical to go the day before our big Moab trip, but it was an adventure worth taking. The tacos were worth it 😁👍

And Shannon Timmons of Golden Gate Communications Center made some amazing cupcakes to compliment Guy’s food. So yummy!! I know where I will be going for my all future cupcake needs!!

Now it was time to exclusively focus on Moab! We buckled down that evening and finished packing.

We got up Monday morning like kids on Christmas morning. Departure Day was finally upon us. Fred was so excited.

We dove the RV out of the storage yard around 11am. Our destination for tonight… Winnamucca, NV.

We stopped at a rest stop in Gold Run for lunch. We made sandwiches. I was a little worried about the lunch meat because our refrigerator had not kept things very cold, but almost in unison, the Oakes Boys said, “You’ll be fine.” That truly is their family moto!

We pulled into Winnemucca, NV around 5:30pm. We set up quickly so we could watch the Patriots game. We had cooked some ground turkey risotto goulash ahead of time and it made the perfect quick dinner for the game. We had a great evening. The most challenging part was keeping the cell phone hot-spot working to stream the football game to our smart TV. We are so spoiled!!The adventure has begun!!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this update Trina! We love coming along on your adventures. May God bless you all! ❤️


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