Day 34: On the Road Again

We hit the road today, headed towards Virginia. It was really, really hard to leave! We wish we could stay longer but there is still so much we want to see and do. We did our best to drag our feet and savor every last second on the Cape though.

We had so much stuff to pack. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate in a few weeks. We didn’t really buy a lot of stuff. We just spread our existing stuff all over the house. And I’m pretty sure we emptied out Jacqui’s fridge and pantry too. We will certainly eat well on the road.

Thank you Jacqui for everything! We already miss you❤️

Wouldn’t you know it too, the weather was amazing today! It was sunny AND warm. So not only was hard to leave family, it was hard to leave the first perfect spring day. 🌞

I did take advantage of the perfect weather to fly the drone in the Gould’s back yard. After a few minutes to reacquaint myself, I turned off the “beginner mode.” It was awesome for a few seconds as I let the drone fly higher and higher, getting great aerial photos of the Gould’s backyard. But then the low battery warning kicked off, and the drone informed me it would be landing. Somehow the “return home” feature was not set in the advanced mode, and the drone started to drop fast, straight down into the woods – the really far away woods.

I panicked. My adrenaline shot up. But luckily I was able to steer the drone back towards me before it hit any trees. It was close! Fred was laughing at me. That truly was some excitement! Those batteries sure do not last long. I got some cool photos though.

We said our goodbyes to Mr. & Mrs. Gould. We went inside to thank them for everything they did for us. We really can’t thank them enough! I couldn’t help but go inside Mrs. Gould’s green house. I love these now. I’m totally building a green house.

By the time we actually got in the RV and started driving away, it was lunch time. But we knew we needed to get off the Cape quickly and work through the sting of saying our goodbyes, much like pulling off a band-aid. We munched on our usual road snacks (aka brown sugar Pop-Tarts) and drove for about an hour to shake off the departure sadness and get back into travel mode.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Dunkin Donuts. While ramping back onto the freeway, a big gust of wind hit us at the apex of the curve and forced us off the road a few feet. Fred handled it like a champ. I surprised myself. I didn’t even freak out. I think I’m acclimating to this adventure.

We drove for about four hours today. The day was draining though and fatigue was setting in. So I pulled out all my trusty maps and camping guides and found us a campsite nearby. There was not much to choose from so we settled on the Sturbridge RV Resort in Sturbridge, MA.

It’s a different place. We found out later it’s a Thousand Trails campsite. I had no idea what that was, but apparently it’s a camping timeshare place. They still let us stay here for the night because they had some open spots. I’m sure they will give us the hard-sell on the wonders of time shares in the morning when we check out.

I went exploring after we set up camp. Some of the trees are all misshapen and labeled for photo opps. 3 guesses what I wished for.

This place seems like it’s an old summer camp that they converted. It’s small but very cute. The arcade room has some weird games from probably the 70’s.

Fred made us pancakes and eggs for dinner. We used the farm fresh eggs that Jan gave us yesterday. So delicious!

It started raining pretty heavy during dinner. The wet weather is stalking us! This camp ground was already pretty soggy and unlevel when we got here so hopefully we can get out if here tomorrow. The levelers got a workout today.

So far we are planning a loose route. Our goal destination for tomorrow is Allentown, PA. And then hopefully Reston, VA sometime Thursday evening. But who knows 😋

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