Day 48: Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

I dont remember what we were talking about, but today we had the best mini conversation ever!

Me: “Is it in your pocket?”

Fred: “I’m not wearing pants.”

Today we took the morning/afternoon and had an early date night. We did our usual liesurely morning and then showered in the RV.

By then it was lunch time so we went across the street to this really cool mall-type shopping center called “The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island.” It sits right on the water!

We ate lunch on the deck over looking the beach at the “Rockin Tacos Grill & Taquila Bar.” The atmosphere there so energetic and islandy. I did not think 2 tacos would fill me up, but those babies were packed with chicken and oh so yummy. I was stuffed.

As we ate, we watched a guy dressed in a full, movie quality Spiderman costume playing frisbee on the beach. It was so random but interesting that Fred’s favorite superhero is Spider-Man. It was an awesome lunch!

We explored the shops and went to a clothing store called “Islanders Outfitters.” For as long as I’ve known Fred, he has been talking about replacing a pair of old Maui Jim sunglesses that he broke on-duty while changing a lady’s tire probably 25years ago. So fast forward the 9.5 years that we have been together… He finally bought a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. The Oakley’s he has been wearing for those same 9.5 years are so scratched up that he can barely see out of them. It was definitely the time to replace them!

Fred bought me a pink hat with a pig on it. I thought that was the funniest thing… It’s a very cop-like pig so it seemed fitting. And they had a child-size cap that would actually fit my tiny head!

We browsed a little bit more, and then went to the aquarium just down the street, called the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. That was a blast too.

It was a way smaller place than the Monterey Bay Aquarium or SeaWorld, but similar. It was right on the ocean and had all the right stuff to bring back very happy childhood memories for both Fred and I.

We both frequented aquariums when we were little and watched the sea lion shows and the dolphin shows.

It was like stepping back in time for us to watch the shows. We both loved these places so it’s awesome we had the opportunity to go to one together.

We explored the park for a couple hours and saw everything they had to see. Then we headed back to the RV for a little rest. I did a little yoga while Fred took a little nap.

Around 4:00 pm we drove up to meet my sister-in-law, niece, and nephews. My niece was getting an award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Middle School. I’m glad the timing of our trip coincided with it and we were able to go.

Eglin Air Force Base is near here. And their quitting time is 3 p.m. So between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. traffic is horrible. On a positive note, moving so slowly in traffic allowed us ample time to sightsee.

After the awards ceremony, we all met at Applebee’s for a little dinner. The restaurant was extremely busy. It was full of some of the families we had just seen at the school.

Applebee’s has this new lemonade drink that’s blue and has sour candy floating in it. It was a great hit with the kids. I remember the days when I would’ve loved such a drink…not anymore 😝

Around 8 PM, we headed back to the RV for a little rest after a busy day. Tacos on the beach, shopping at the Boardwalk, a trip to the aquarium, & family dinner… It’s like 3 awesome days packed into one! We are so lucky to be doing this!! I love our life ❤️

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