Moab Adventure Day 7

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019:

Today was a bonus day in Moab. Last night was the final night of the Jamboree so instead of leaving this morning, we decided to stay an extra day to rest and recharge.

After two days of waking at 6am, we slept in until sunrise (7:30am). Fred made us pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

We hung out at the RV, just relaxing. I tried to get some laundry done but a couple who was obviously living full time in their RV had just taken over all 7 washing machines with what looked like a months worth of laundry.

We went into town to window shop and grab a little lunch… Antica Forma, of course.

Fred wanted to do a little more Jeeping and show Mike one of his favorite trails so we drove over to the nearby Potato Salad Hill, a notorious part of the Hell’s Revenge Trail.

This hill got its name because people routinely flip their Jeeps and scatter their lunches. Sadly, the hill was closed to the public. So we went to the main entrance of Hell’s Revenge and did the first mile of the trail. You can see dinosaur tracks on this point in the trail. We enjoyed the view and explored the tracks. Side note: Jeeping on a very full belly is not such a good idea… đŸ¥´

Afterwards, we walked around downtown Moab and checked out a few shops. We topped it off with little ice cream.

Around 3:30pm, we went back to the RV for some laundry and packing.

We wrapped up the day watching the World Series, eating leftovers, and trying to download trip photos off our cell phones. (That took forever!)

It was a great way to recover from two days on the trail and not feel like we were rushing home.

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