Day 5: Dinner with the Nembacks in Fruita, CO

Another beautiful sunny day for us. I could easily move to Moab and enjoy this view everyday. Fred started the morning with a little BBQ action, cooking up some chicken to make some healthy road snacks. This was our 1st BBQ in new rig.

We had to pack up the Moab campsite to make room for all the new campers coming in for the Easter Jeep Safari. I wish we could stay for that amazing event but everything books up so fast. The town is already beginning to buzz with custom Jeep arrivals.

We decided not to hook up the Jeep this morning to make getting a propane refill a little easier at the nearby Chevron (the KOA propane refill tank was B.O.) We had to be out of our site by 11am so we headed into town for fuel and then lunch.

And since we loved dinner so much last night at Antica Forma, we went back again for lunch and ate the exact same thing. It was still amazing. Needless to say, there were no left overs.

We had the best conversation with Megan our pizza chef. She was so friendly and skilled at shuffling the pizzas around in the big oven. She had a similar adventurous spirit to Fred and I and had sold everything she owned, baught a van, and moved to Moab. It was inspiring to meet someone so content with life and her search for adventure.

After lunch we hooked up the Jeep and headed about 100 miles to Fruita, Colorado. Fred had made arrangements to have dinner with his old friends Mike and Lynnette Nemback. Fred and Mike worked together in Antelope Valley way back when.

The relatively short drive was a perfect way to finally prove the point that we definitely don’t want to be doing anymore long haul days. This may be our new norm…finally putting a stop to those old nasty Motos, “Move with a purpose,” and “sense of urgency.” Nope, not us…we are going to mosey from now on!

We secured a campsite at the James M. Robb State Park and even found a great place to hang my hammock. Fred caught me napping in my hammock and snuck a photo. Sneaky Fred.

We met up with Mike and Lynnette around 5pm and were treated to some yummy burritos and great conversation. It was good to see Fred have such a fun time catching up and reminiscing about the good’ol days.

Oh, I almost forgot. Fred found a few more things to tinker with. We tried the awning for the 1st time and some of those screws are stripped and the latch on the cabinet above the entry door jiggled loose. Owning an RV is a full time tinkering gig!

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  1. Trina, I figured you just needed to rest up in the hammock after the offroading action in Moab – it looked like you had to do a lot of walking while Fred drove?

    Thanks for the great travelogue – we can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow will bring!


    1. Hi Grant. It did me good to get out and walk a bit after a few days on the road. Plus, I’m smart enough these days to get out and walk over the bumpy bits of trail. I’m not looking to test the holding strength of the screws in my spine 🙂


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