Hammocks and Happiness

So about 5 years ago, or more, I can’t remember now. I bought this awesome hammock at Costco. My head was filled with romantic dreams of lounging in my hammock, sipping a cold drink, feeling the breeze all around me. Enter reality, and I’ve only used it once. Fred and I tied it under the pier in Monterey one year and we relaxed in it together. It was awesome & everything I hoped it could be. But my imagination has failed me on how to ever use it again. It seems like every park we go to bans hammocks in trees because people aren’t responsible enough to hang them properly and protect the trees.

So I’ve carried this hammock with me everywhere we’ve gone, just hoping one day…

And today is that day… The park we just arrived in, the James M Robb Colorado State Park in Fruita, Colorado, bans them in trees, however, they provide these nifty shade structures with hooks along the edges. It’s genius! I’m so happy right now! I get to use my hammock… And, bonus, I just figured out the sac the hammock comes in doubles as a drink holder.

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