Day 4: Wheeling in Moab

Today started so beautifully. We stayed in be for about 30 minutes just looking out the window at the giant red rock formations and deciding what they looked like.

Then after our usual breakfast routine Fred decided he needed to wash the Jeep before we went 4wheeling. In all honesty, she was filthy, but we were going to get her filthy anyhow… So we cruised around Moab and found a self-service car wash. And for the next 30 minutes Fred soaped and polished his Jeep. He enjoys detailing cars like you wouldn’t believe! But we had other goals for the day beside rubbing on the Jeep.

So we hit the Moab Brewery for some amazing burgers and then decided a good nap was in order. About 3pm we headed out for Arches National Park to the Tower Arch Trail It was such a great mix of technical Jeeping, scenic views, and zippy soft sand washes that called for a little throttle. We had a blast but stayed out longer than anticipated and ended up cathing the sunset as well at Eye-of-the-Whale Arch. We were pretty hungry by the time we got back to town, but we stumbled across the best Italian restaurant, Antica Forma. They had a huge wood fire pizza over inside where you could sit at the bar and watch them make all sorts of great things. Such a great, fun day!

The flighy Jeep

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