Day 3: Making it to Moab

So I may have overdone it a little yesterday and paid the price at the end of the day. Nothing a little rest would not cure. I really should listen more to Trina. :>). I felt much better today and we agreed to make a stop every two hours or so and stretch, eat and whatever else I needed to feel ok. This morning we woke up and were very surprised to find an inch or so of snow on everything. There was a lot of fog surrounding us as we ate breakfast and enjoyed the view. We pulled out of the campsite around 9, gassed up and hit the grocery store. We headed out onto eastbound US 50 on our way to one of our favorite places, MOAB! We cannot believe it has been so long since we were last here.

A little snow to start the day
The fog burned off by take off
Trina tried to make me a PB&J while I was driving…It didn’t work out so well
I still ate it of course, but got crumbs all over me. Making a mess is something I am pretty good at
Look out Utah…Trina is at the wheel
Truck stops have everything you never knew existed…and no, we did not eat this 😉
Got to keep my big girl clean!
Starting to glimpse the red rocks outside of MOAB. We finally got to the Moab KOA around 845pm. Another long day.

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