Day 2

Day two of our journey was a busy one. We slept well at the Boomtown KOA and got up early for some oatmeal. Then we topped it off by splitting one of Fred’s famous blueberry muffins (AKA Travel’n Muffins) for dessert… Why not have a breakfast dessert, right?

Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast

Travel’n Muffin Dessert

Then Fred did a little tinkering by fixing the misaligned shower door and installing a paper towel rack in the kitchen.

Misaligned shower door was driving him crazy

Then we hit the road, heading for Ely, NV. However, the braking system in the Jeep lost power. That means more tinkering… Luckily we found a trusty truck stop. (I love truck stops! I could do all my Christmas shopping in a truck stop. They have al the best do-dads that you didn’t know you needed.)

This TA Truck stop had lost of guns!
They had the part we needed too…an extension cable that will stretch from our 12volt power outlet in the rear of the Jeep where there is supposed to be a constant power supply, even when the jeep is off.

The outlet in the front doesn’t keep constant power, but apparently the one in the back does. Worked like a champ though. We have brakes again.

We grabbed lunch after that – Fuddruckers Burgers… So delicious, but gave us both the bubble guts about 3 hours later 😦 We drove from 2pm to 7pm to get to Ely, which is way too long in one shot when your goal is pleasure cruising. But we made it safe and sound through the beautiful scenery and a few snow flurries and rain showers. And then you guessed it… more tinkering! The window shade came loose and Fred needed to fix it before bed…

Fixing the shade… Another loose screw
Is it time for bed yet? The man never takes a break.

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