Day 7: One week on the road

This will be our 7th day on the road and our 3rd night in Fruita, CO. The park turned off the water today to prevent their water lines from freezing during this rough weather so we filled our fresh water tank before we left to go exploring today. They don’t plan on turning the water back on until Friday. It was 75degrees when we rolled into town on Monday. I had no idea weather would be such a factor on this trip… It’s suppossed to be springtime!

Fred and I are glad we stayed put as the camp host informed us this afternoon that a huge collision and some avalanches had closed several roads we had considered taking.

To make the most of the day we explored around the town of Grand Junction just a few miles away. I have been toying with the idea of buying a drone for quite some time now so we went to BestBuy to give into the urge. And I figured setting up a drone would be a cool way to spend a cold, blustery day.

BestBuy price matched Costco so I decided on the Mavic Air and then we hit the Chilies across the street for lunch time burgers. We excitedly headed back to the RV to play with the drone.

But that is where the excitement ended. Crap technology is confusing! Unboxing the drone and pulling all the pieces out unpolished that diamond real quick. By the time I finished reading the very vague instruction booklets, my attention span was gone. Fred tapped out and took a little nap.

Even after I watched the YouTube experts and downloaded the drone app I still struggled with simple things like charging the battery and remote control.

I was totally right about this activity taking up the whole day. About 3 hours later I had everything assembled and charged and had my phone plugged in. I had watched drone setup videos that whole time to accomplish this. I was ready to take it back to the store. I took a 30 minute break and then finally got it fired up.

The app has a flight simulator that I played with for a while and then I felt ready to give it a test flight inside the RV. But as soon as I tried, the internal compass informed me it needed calibrating. So… That’s going to wait until tomorrow.

Fred made us some chicken fried rice for dinner (Thanks Joe for the family recipe). And we topped the night off with an episode of Survivor (One of Fred’s favorites).

I’m still blown away at how fast these days are going by.

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  1. The drone will give compass error notifications if it is powered on indoors. The drone needs to be outdoors to connect to GPS. Have fun, let me know if you need help.


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