Day 6: Rethinking our route. We’er still here.

So we awoke yesterday morning (Tue 4/9/19) and turned on the weather channel to see what the day would bring us. We were surprised to learn of a big storm headed our way. We had been planning to pack up and continue northeast to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit Fred’s cousin Pam. But driving to Fort Collins would take us right into the path of this blizzard expected to drop several inches of snow up there. So we decided to stay put and see what the weather would do. And boy are glad we did! The wind and rain alone last night made me think we were going to blow over. But we didn’t. The rig did great and we’re are still safe and sound this morning.

We have mulled over what our future route should be and we are thinking of staying put and leaving Thursday morning to head towards Pueblo, Colorado along the 50. But who knows what tomorrow will bring.

So instead traveling yesterday, we hit the grocery store for supplies and found a few extra goodies that were just too fun to pass up.

I think the Hershey Kisses are Unicorn Poop. This tickled me so much I just had to share.

After shopping we headed back to the RV as the Red Sox game was on. We made some fancy chicken sandwiches and baked some cookies.

Sadly, the Red Sox lost but the cookies came out delicious. I did some catch up blogging and Fred may have taken a cookie induced nap. Then we put together a virtual tour of the RV and finished up just in time to catch the Celtics game. They won at least.

We decided to eat all 3 meals in the RV yesterday and made beef tacos for dinner. Fred streamed the tail end of the Celtics game on his laptop while we watched NCIS on the TV. What would we do without technology.

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