Day 66: Safely Home

Saturday: June 8, 2019:

We made it back home safe and sound just before 1pm today. We drove straight through the morning to get back as quickly as possible.

After we parked the RV, we celebrated with salmon burritos from Dos Coyotes for a late lunch. We didn’t even unload anything. We just parked the RV in the storage yard, grabbed our toothbrushes, went home, ate burritos, and took naps.

We are glad to be home. Pulling into the garage brought a greater feeling of relief and comfort than we had anticipated. It was like sliding your achy, tired feet into a pair of soft, old slippers after a long day at an amusement park.

Fred was pretty excited to ease back into his recliner and just sleep. He was pretty tired after fighting the gusty winds all the way home.

Plus, I think the last few days were more draining than we realized. Being so close to home and wanting to be done with the planning, and prepping, and driving was grueling.

We have been pretty anxious about Fred’s health too. It’s not what it was on day one of the trip. He has a few doctor appointments this week to see where we go from here.

We topped off the day with a quick dinner with my mom and niece and then we vegged out to a few episodes of Bosch on Amazon Prime.

And now, we rest well knowing we accomplished the epic adventure of a lifetime! 🙂👍

I’ll post more tomorrow. That big comfy bed is calling my name. 😴

4 thoughts on “Day 66: Safely Home

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  1. It has been very enjoyable to live your experience and see all the family and friends you all know and love. Thanks again my friend for letting us spend time with both of you.
    The Nemback’s


  2. Welcome home. I read every word of your blog on your amazing journey. You are a great writer and a storyteller and I could visualize so much of what you wrote the little details really were meaningful. Thank you for doing it yours truly John Ehrenfeld.


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