Day 13: Goodbye Tiny Donkey

Even after entering a new time zone yesterday, we still woke up at 7am (4am CA time) We didn’t have a sewer hookup at our site so we had to pack up and stop at the dump site on our way out. It was easy to find:

I bet there are a lot of folks who don’t know what an old fashioned out house looks like.

I had to walk over and say goodbye to the tiny donkies too. I don’t think they liked me much. Whenever I got close to them, they would stomp and make aggressive loud noises.

We drove a lot today. It seemed like we were making good time but the drive dragged on forever! It seemed like everytime we looked at the GPS it had not moved at all. We went through several big cities and got stuck in commute traffic outside Columbus, Ohio. We haven’t seen traffic like that in 2weeks! I almost forgot how annoying it was.

The Ohio country side is pretty scenic. The old farmhouses remind me of places that would be so old they are haunted. There must be a lot of haunted houses out here.

I also kept thinking about Drew Carey’s flash mob he did back on he Drew Carey Show to “Cleveland Rocks.” It was stuck in my head all day.

We finally took the exit for our camp site around 5pm ET, a place called Wolfie’s in Zanesville, Ohio. Once we got off the freeway the roads were narrow and twisted. The power lines looked low. A sign up head said low bridge (10ft) 2miles ahead. We are 12ft tall! And there is no where to turn around. I couldn’t imagine how an RV park could be back here. As we got closer to the more rural area of town, I began to wonder how legit this place was. We made another turn and ended up at a water treatment plant. Google said, “Drive straight.” I was about to throw Google out the window after the horrible directions it been giving us lately. But there was a little road behind the treatment plant with a sign for Wolfie’s… Crazy!

That road to Wolfie’s was narrow as well, but at the top of the long forrested driveway sat Wolfie’s. It’s actually a really nice park, over looking a river with an awesome view of the sunset. There were RVs way bigger than our parked already. The owners were really sweet too.

We were beat after today’s drive. We were going to BBQ some chicken but it seemed like too much work to set up the BBQ and do dishes. So we hit Jimmy John’s instead. It was pretty tasty and satisfying.

The downside of the scenic woods… Giant bugs. This creepy crawler was making his way across the ceiling when we got back. This sucker was huge, about the size of a nickel. Fred said he humanely tossed him out the door, but I could have sworn I heard him crunch in the paper towel. (He flew away when I threw him out the door, no squishing involved.)

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  1. Yup that’s a stink bug alright! The good thing is they don’t bite humans like a mosquito does but eat plants, fruit and vegetation. Still gross though!!


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