Day 14: 2 full weeks on the road

Two full weeks on the road and we are still McGyvering the RV to suit us.

You have to get creative when traveling by RV. I’m still trying to figure out how to get a satisfying shower. One of the 1st things we did when we got the rig was change out the very weak shower head. Fred installed an Oxygenics Fury Handheld Shower head. It’s so much better, but the angle of the mounting bracket causes the stream of water to spray directly over my head. To get any water on me I have to press against the back wall. That’s not very satisfying and certainly won’t rinse soap out of your hair. So I have been holding it with one hand and while scrubbing myself with the other. It’s not fun.

Today I had an idea I wanted to try.

It worked for a few seconds and felt great. It went a little sideways when I used the water saver switch to lather up. It gets the handle too soapy and it slides around on the pole and sprays the water sideways. So it needs some tweaking 😦 I was so hopeful too!

I can tell we are getting close to the east coast. It’s getting humid. Last night we had a brief thunderstorm. That was pretty cool actually. It gets hot & sticky in the RV real quick too when you turn the AC button off. It’s crazy to think that we were just in freezing, snowy weather a few days ago.

The GPS is still a must when navigating in and out of these camp sites. No matter how frustrating they can be, it’s too easy to miss the local signage!

Our goal destination for the day was Bellefonte, PA. Fred picked this destination because he was trying to evenly divide the distance left to Cape Cod by 3 days. That came out to roughly 2 days of 275 miles, and one day of 250. So when we left this morning we really didn’t know where we would be staying, just they name of the city that was 275 miles away. This caused a fair amount of stress later because technology sucks a fair amount of the time and you can’t always find suitable lodging quickly, lets say for example while approaching a major interchange at 65MPH and someone is pressing you to make a decision.

We knew we wanted to get from the I-70 to the I-80 in Pennsylvania, and we knew there was a descent KOA near that intersection. The shortest way to get from the 70 to the 80 was the I-99, but our stellar GPS crapped out as we were approaching the interchange and we obliviously drove on by, for several miles.

We decided to stop at a rest stop for a quick break (and maybe a nap) and when we were merging back onto the freeway and resetting the GPS, we discovered we had missed our exit. Now we either had to drive 15 miles and make u-turn or keep going straight and take a much slower route.

It was frustrating to decide this and look for a camp site along both routes to see which route might have better options. It sucked. And does not make for a happy honeymoonconversation.

Eventually we exited to turnpike and took a breath and both of us started Googling options. With the pressure off for a quick decision, we settled on making a u-turn and going back to the 99. We found Chick-fil-A and everything was right in the world again.

Today’s adventure was also done on a lovely toll road, so it cost us about $35 for the privilege of driving in beautiful PA. The U-turn was $6 all by itself.

We eventually got to our campsite for the night, the State College Holiday KOA … And it’s lovely.

It was dusk by the time we arrived so we basically plugged into power and water and vegged out to the sports on TV.

Fred enjoys double streaming his games. Tonight he was able to watch the Res Sox and Celtics at the same time.

We did miss Survivor though. And the Amazing Race season premiere 😦 We will try to watch them on the CBS app tomorrow, so no spoilers please.

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