Day 10:Pulling out of Dodge City.

Dodge City really is a cool place. It’s so full of history and cowboys! There still are real cowboys. That makes me happy.

We could spend a whole week here exploring all the neat places but we have picked up our pace a bit to get to the Cape Cod and make up a little time we lost due to weather.

We found this mini toaster that fits perfectly in the RV’s tiny kitchen cabinet. You have to toast your English muffins twice, but it’s funny enough to use a mini toaster that I don’t mind. It adds a little chuckle to breakfast time.

We pulled up camp and hit the Walmart for a few quick supplies. Interestingly enough, so did everyone else in Dodge City. It’s the thing to do on Saturday morning I guess. We spent 20 minutes shopping and 45 minutes standing in line. I was excited to get a memory card for my drone so we couldn’t use the self checkout quick lanes 😦

It was tedious but the people watching was great. What was really interesting was the amount of Mennonites grocery shopping in Walmart (Kind of like Ammish people). We were behind one family with two shopping carts full of potato chips.

After spending so long in Walmart we hit this Kansas based burger franchise called “Freddy’s.” It reminded me of In & Out but instead of milk shakes they do frozen custard…and it’s thick and delicious.

I froze half of my custard shake in the RV freezer… I had actually forgotten I did that until just now 🙂 It’s gonna be dessert tonight now that I think of it! It was so rich I could not finish it all earlier.

After lunch we hit the the US-50 again. We were treated to cloudy skies, flat plains, and endless rows of windmills. Google, however, is not the best route selector when you’re driving an RV & towing a Jeep. The 50 takes you through the heart of every small town you pass & it takes you down some narrow roads & hinky side streets. How can you make 4 left turns and still be going east? It was frustrating. You can’t make a u-turn when you’re 40 feet long. So today we gave up on Google maps and followed old fashion road markers.

Trying to makes sense of Google’s nonsense directions was exhausting so we headed back north to the I-70. At least at is 2 lanes wide. We jumped on the 1st truck stop we found in Salina, Kansas and gave in to some naughty little Pop-tarts. We deserved a Pop-tart break.

Fred loves the brown sugar variety. This was the 1st one he had in years (Since he retired and cleaned out his secret desk draw at work). Hello old friend Pop-tart. You taste so good!

We found a KOA across from the truck stop and we decided to check in for the night. 1st order of business…Naps.

Naps, then dinner. Traveling makes you so hungry!

And back to camp just in time for an amazing sunset! That’s a tiny historic church silhouetted by the orange sky. The photo really does not do it justice.

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