Day 9: A Community Shower

Last night we pulled in late to our destination campsite, Lake Pueblo State Park. The park is pretty and a great spot for fishing but the sites only provide electricity, not water or sewer.

After cleaning up before bed last night, breakfast dishes in the morning, bathroom visits, and brushing our teeth, our fresh water was pretty much gone. Fred was eager for a shower this morning so he checked out the park’s shower facility and determined it was satisfactory.

I wasn’t going to shower because community showers gross me out. (I am a major germ-a-phobe). But I really wanted to wash my hair so I went along.

When we got there I saw there were only 2 showers, one men’s and one women’s, and each was basically a single stall bathroom and shower combo. Fred and I decided to share one shower so as to keep one free for other guest… It was the polite thing to do 🙂

The shower itself was clean looking. But there was nowhere to hang up your clothes and there was only one bench to set anything on. It just wasn’t practical at all.

I said to Fred, “Do you know how many bare asses have sat on that bench?” Fred said, “One more today.” He still had his undies on when he sat on it but I was still mortified.

There was also a shower nozzel for your top half and one for your bottom half… very strange. The bottom half one was scalding hot… Not fun to scald your privates in the morning.

I guess that is just the difference between men and women. Fred felt great after his shower and I felt way dirtier.

The day was pretty calm and easy other than that. The weather was gorgeous and travel was pretty smooth. We did manage to find the slowest gas pump on the planet in Swink, Colorado. We also found a Loves truck stop with a built in Sonic restaurant. That blew my mind. They really like Sonic in this part of the country.

We pulled into our campsite for the night, Gunsmoke RV, in Dodge City, Kansas just before dinner time. It’s a cute park, themed like a mini version of an old-western town. We settled on some left over chicken & rice stir fry for dinner and a low key evening in.

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