Day 39: Happy Mother’s Day.

Sunday, May 12: Today Vanessa planned a 10am Mother’s Day brunch with Long Island style lox and bagels (onions, tomato, cream cheese, & lox on a bagel) with Mamosas, and homemade coffee cake.It was pretty coincidental that Mike and Fred were reading the comics in the Wallstreet Journal. The conversation we were having the night before about police powers was summarized with one simple cartoon.Everyone was anticipating the arrival of John, another of Mike and Marey’s kids who is known for tardiness. John drove down this morning for brunch and, to everyone’s amazement, arrived on time. He was greeted by his amazed family and promply sent to the grocery store for cream cheese and dish soap. In fairness, he was the last one to park in the driveway so it was the easiest for him to get back out to go to the store.Fred and I hung out in the RV until 10am enjoying a restful morning. I did a little yoga to ease into the very rainy day. It rained all night and kept raining until about noon. It just drizzled for the rest of the day after lunch.When John got back with the cream cheese, we all funneled in for brunch. Marey was so delighted to have 3 of her 4 children home to celebrate. It’s harder to get everyone together as time goes on and family spreads out, so it’s super meaningful when get togethers are possible.We all watched with amazement as Vanessa tried to get the coffee cake out of the baking pan. She was so nervous to flip it out onto a plate. She had several false starts. It worked beautifully though once she committed to the flip. Then she had to flip it a 2nd time to get the crumble side up on the serving dish.I think baking is stressful. I’m so glad there are big hearted people in this world willing to accept the stress of baking for others.Mike whipped up some scrambled eggs per Marey’s Mothers Day request to add little more protein to brunch.We sat down to the table to eat, and even today, Marey was still so conscientious of others. Today was her day to be celebrated and pampered but she was the last to sit at the table, making sure we were all taken care of 1st.We ate and talked and had a great time. After about 2 hours we finished up. Fred stretched out in the RV for a little rest. I went for a nature walk around the surrounding trails. Mike, Marey, and their kids had some family time together.We all met back up in the afternoon and watched the Bruins game in the RV. (Except for Steven, who was playing Fortnite in the basement.) The Bruins won, making quick work of game 2.The floor plan in this RV makes for the cosiest living room. We feel so lucky to have it everytime we have people over.John went back home in the afternoon. Vanessa was going to go home but she changed her mind and decided to stay another night.We ordered pizza from Papa John’s for dinner. We sat around the table for and ended up telling ghost stories and sharing strange personal experiences with ghosts. We talked about how their house sits where another house once sat. The original house as built by contractor for his family upon completion, was torched by an angry arsonist. So Mike and Marey’s the kids have always thought there house was haunted.I was thinking we’ve been here since Thursday and your just telling me this now… I did have a little sleeping that night 🥺

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