Day 42: We used the A/C!

Wednesday, May 15: We woke up early to the sound of happy birds and very blue sky’s. We had to back track down the same teeny road we drove down last night. The only difference was this morning it had traffic on it. Clusters of big trucks kept zipping by us in the on-coming lane. It was obvious these driver’s were more familiar with the road and were claiming the bulk of the road. The road is clearly not wide enough for two large vehicles to safely pass one another. It was nerve racking, even for Fred.

One dump truck drifted towards the center line as he passed us, forcing us off the road. This happened just as we were passing a black and yellow traffic sign. The road sign was a softer target than the front end of a dump truck, so we kissed that sign, hard. The right side mirror took the hit.

The impact moved the mirror but so far it looks undamaged. We haven’t tried to use the buttons to reposition it yet.

Other than that, the day was an uneventful travel day. We stopped for lunch at a Five Guys Burgers at the I-95 junction with the 58, in Emporia, VA. They had truck parking so we may have taken naps after lunch. Five Guys was like a juicy sleeping pill.

We drove for a few hours more. The most notable thing about the drive was the lack of trash along the road. It puts California to shame. We pulled in to a freeway rest stop for a potty brake around 5pm and decided to call it a day. We used the trusty Good Sam catalog to find a spot just 35 minutes away in Four Oaks, NC. It had a 10/10 rating.

We found it easily enough. It’s literally just off the freeway. They had 5 spots left open in the drop-in folder that they leave out front after the office is closed.

It’s nice here. We had to run the AC! We went from rainy, 40’s-50’s to 74 degrees! (74 outs is about 86 inside.) Time to brake out the shorts… but then I’d have to shave my legs đŸ˜’.

The speed limit here is 7.5mph. That’s pretty funny. Why? 7.5 & not he standard 5? The rebel spirit lives on in unexpected places I guess. We took a walk around the grounds to scout everything out before dark. They do have nice private bathrooms. I may consider using the shower tomorrow… We’ll see.

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