Day 54: Pool Party at Grant & Nadine’s

Monday: May 27, 2019:

Today was another groggy morning. We we’re both very restless last night. We got the RV pretty cool before we turned in for the night. But the RV got uncomfortably warm inside and we both didn’t think to get up and turn the thermostat lower, so we tossed and turned throughout the night.

We are going to have to get that thermostat checked out when we get back because it’s very inconsistent and doesn’t seem to regulate the temperature very well.

We had our usual morning oatmeal as we watched the morning news. I learned that the clown energy was so intense yesterday in Peru that it caused an 8.0 earthquake in Peru! That’s some crazy energy 🤡…and proof that not all clowns are are good clowns 👺

Fred and I tag-teamed the outdoor RV take-off routine so I could learn the finer details of cleaning out the black tank. I’m trying to get more comfortable with the RV prep routine so I can do more to help out.

Fred touched base with a few people this morning while we prepped. He talked with friend Michael Valentine and then his brother Michael. He also texted with sister Nadine to tell her we were probably going to get to her place around 1 or 2pm.

Nadine told him they were having a pool party/BBQ at their place today and would have plenty of food. That was exciting news. So we had snack before we hit the road so that we be ready for a late lunch when we got there.

We have been taking our time more and more these days so we didn’t get out of the park until 11:15am. That’s a free 15 minutes after checkout time! 😋

We were going to try and drive straight through to Nadine’s. But with about an hour left to go, we decided to stop for gas and a little rest. That way we wouldn’t get there totally running on empty. only in the South can you find 32 oz bottles of orange pop for $0.25!

Nadine had arranged for us to park our RV at a nearby neighbor’s property. Nadine’s husband Grant and their neighbor Arlin met us at the edge of their neighborhood to guide us to Arlan’s house.

This neighborhood was beautiful, with long driveways and gorgeous ranch homes on acreage. It’s close enough to the city but still very peaceful and secluded.

We got there around 3pm. We parked, grabbed our swimsuits, and then followed Grant and Arlin back to the pool party. There we met up with Nadine and Arlin’s wife Claudia. Later, Arlin’s daughter, son-in-law and grandkids joined us.

We swam and had amazing BBQ from a local place. Nadine made some great homemade baked beans that really topped it off. Claudia made some yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert.

The backyard, covered patio, and saltwater pool were amazing. It all sits high above a valley overlooking a protected nature area. It’s really so peaceful.

We stayed outside until just before evening and then we went back to our RV to grab some essentials. We were back in time to watch the sunset over the valley.

We adjourned to the library where we spent the evening catching up and telling stories.

It was a really perfect day in the warm Texas sun, with great food and great people. It was everything I imagined to Texas to be. 👍👍

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