Day 55: Blueberry Pancakes!

Tuesday: May 28, 2019:

We had a great night’s sleep. I woke up super refreshed. Fred is back to sleeping in 2 hour bursts broken up by bathroom visits. So his nights are always a little restless. But he slept deeply during his 2 hour sleep intervals.

We cuddled on the bed for a bit and then got up to take a shower. It’s so nice to have a regular shower again, especially one that two people can fit in. We really enjoyed our shower this morning.

I also noticed that my skin felt so amazing this morning after swimming in the saline pool yesterday. It truly is so much better than chlorine. I was looking forward to swimming it again today.

We made our way out to breakfast and Nadine was up already. She had a hot cup of coffee waiting for me and was making blueberry pancakes for breakfast. What a great morning already!☕🥞😍

Fred and I sat around the kitchen table chatting away with Nadine as she prepared the recipe from scratch. She cooked up a giant batch pancakes.

Right before we got here, Nadine’s new Samsung refrigerator broke down and the store can’t replace it until this Friday. So they have been living out of a mini fridge all week. Nadine is a great hostess even with just a mini fridge!!

Grant came out to breakfast but he had to run after making a cup of tea. He was dropping off their car for his hundred thousand mile service. So it was just Nadine, Fred, and I to enjoy all the pancakes.

While we ate, we talked about Trump, gun control, pharmaceutical corruption, immigration… all the good stuff going on in the world today. The conversation was gloomy but the pancakes came out quite delicious and really made the morning fabulous.

After breakfast, Fred layed down for a nap. Nadine and I sat out by the pool and chatted about life.

It was cool and overcast today, with a 20% chance of rain. So I wanted to get in the pool before it started raining. Nadine went inside to clean up after breakfast so I took a dip in the pool.

After I swam, I did a little yoga on the pool deck and enjoyed the amazing view. It was so relaxing and refreshing here. There’s so much wildlife to see just in the backyard alone. Some of it is kind of scary… I found this little scorpion this morning.

Fred came out and sat with me while I was enjoying the view at the end of my workout.

Grant and Nadine had mentioned this really good burger place called “Moonie’s.” We decided to go there for lunch today. It was great atmosphere, and their burger buns were sweet like cake. I could eat there every day. And bonus, they had hand made milkshakes.

After lunch, we went for a scenic drive around Jonestown and nearby Lago Vista. Because of all the recent rain, the wild flowers were blooming everywhere and the lake was nice and full! It was quite beautiful.

Lots of famous people have homes around Lago Vista and they have a yearly film Festival out here that draws 100,000 people. I could definitely see the draw with views like this.

We really enjoyed the drive and being outside. By the time we headed back home, Fred was ready to stretch out for another rest. Grant decided he would rest as well, so Nadine and I went out for a girls’ day out.

We were initially just going to go to the grocery store but we took advantage of the time and made a whole afternoon of it. We took Nadine’s red Miata convertible and put the top down to get a little fresh air.

First we went shopping at Field & Stream, which is also a Dick’s Sporting Goods. I caught myself having a really good time, and I realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve had a day out like this. It felt oddly normal and comfortable, and awesome. It was odd to me that something so normal felt odd.

Then we hit Costco which turned out to be pretty funny because we were driving the Miata and had to do a little bit of trunk manipulation to get everything to fit. I held two boxes of blueberry muffins in my lap while we drove to the RV to drop off some of our Costco purchases. 😂

After we stopped at the RV, we headed to the grocery store and picked up a few a friend’s favorite snacks. Then we swung by “Smokey Mo’s BBQ” to pick up some smoked chicken, baked beans, & baked potatoes for dinner. We headed home after that.

The 20% chance of rain was closing in and now it was quite overcast and sprinkling on and off. So we roll the windows up and turned on the AC.

We got home enjoyed a delicious dinner. And then Nadine baked some chocolate-chip cookies for dessert.

There was thunder and lightning for about 2 hours during dinner and then finally around 8:30 p.m. it started pouring down rain. The clouds made the sunset quite beautiful and the thunder and lightning added some excitement to the evening.

We sat and chatted around the kitchen table until about 10:30 p.m. and then turned into bed. That was a really fun, full day. We decided we should stay another day because we’re having such a great time and our enjoying the break from the road! 🥳 That made everybody pretty happy.

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