Day 56: Pilates with Nadine

Wednesday, May 29, 2019:

Today was an exciting day. Nadine took with me her to her Pilates class this morning. I was nervous about keeping up with the class but it was awesome! The instructor, Sara Allegri, is a trainer for Cirque du Soleil.

Sara was incredibly attentive and knowledgeable. I knew my posture muscles were lazy but, when she showed me how to stand up straight, it blew my mind. I could breath so much easier when I stood how she showed me. I just wish I could maintain that posture for more than 30 seconds. It showed me I definitely need more Pilates with an instructor like her that really knows what she’s doing.

I did pilates before at my physical therapy place after my fusion, but it was nothing like this. This was so much better! I wish I could stay to take more lessons and really get straightened out.

It was also located conveniently next to a gun store… I love Texas!

When Nadine and I got back from class, I jumped in the pool and floated around for a while to cool off. I was hoping the coolness of the water would keep me from being too sore tomorrow. But as I sit and write this just before bed, I’m already sore. (But sore in a good way, in all the right places.)

While Nadine and I were out, Fred and Grant hung out together. Fred took him over to the RV and gave him the grand tour. He also showed Grant his Jeep.

Grant is car guy too… He loves to go fast. He and Nadine belong to a Miata Club. Yesterday, I thought the red Miata MX-5 was Nadine’s car, but it was actually Grant’s retirement present to himself. I just assumed that because Grant is so tall he’d have a bigger car. But Fred is super tall too and he loves Mini Coopers and Porsches… so I don’t know why I would make such an assumption.

Anyway, after we all met back up at the house, we went to “The Oasis” in Austin, TX for lunch. The Oasis sits high on a cliffside over looking Lake Travis.

It is best known as, “The Sunset Capital of Texas,” because most days hundreds of guests from all over the world come to see the breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets.

The restaurant has multiple bars, and several decks to enjoy the views. It has a gift shop and a beautiful on-site Sculpture Garden. They even have free live music venues. There are cute shops located around the restaurant too. It feels like an amusement park.

They have little locks on the railings, like they do on that bridge in Paris, to forever commemorate the locked together souls of two lovers. I wish we had brought a lock with us.

There is artwork and greenary growing from everywhere and tucked in every corner.

The food was really good too!😊 You could easily spend hours just eating and roaming around in this magical place.

The entryway walls are tastefully graffitied with visitor names and messages. I took the liberty of leaving our mark. (You should always travel with a sharpie just in case. A lot of touristy places let you do this.) I wrote, “Fred and Trina Honeymoon Adventure 2019 4Ever.”

The weather was mostly overcast with burst of blazing sun that would peak out for about 10 minutes at a time. It was 91 degrees during lunch.

It rained on us when we left pilates and we were afraid it was going to rain on us while we sat and ate lunch, but it didn’t thankfully.

Grant and Nadine advised us to where our big sun hats and we are super glad they did because those decks got a lot of sun when it peaked through the clouds! We would have gotten sunburned for sure. 🔆 They wore their matching cowboy hats 🤠

After we got home from lunch, Fred took a little nap and Nadine, Grant, and I took a swim in the pool.

Later in the afternoon we adjourned to the library and chatted until dinner time. Nadine made tacos and a little Top Ramen for Fred.

We watched the Stanley cup after dinner and then went to bed shortly after the game ended.

Today was a really fun, full day and we were all pretty beat my bedtime. I’m sure we are all going to sleep well tonight. 👍

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