Day 47: Destin or Bust

Monday, May 20: Sleeping with the A/C on was so much more comfortable. We still heard a few planes in the early morning but we slept so much better. It was nice to wake up feeling rested and not sweaty. When we got up, Mike had already gone up to the shower facility, or at... Continue Reading →

Day 46: Visit with Michael Valentine

Sunday, May 19: What a restless night's sleep. The outdoor temperature had cooled off nicely last night so we opened up the windows hoping it would cool us off inside. Nope. It was hot and muggy and noisy. Between the airplane take-offs and freeway noise, it was rough. We should have just given in and... Continue Reading →

Day 45: Welcome to Florida!

Last night we kept the A/C running, pulled all the heavy blankets and my sleeping bag off the bed, and put a fan in the room. We did all that and it was still uncomfortably warm in the RV, until about 3 am, then it was comfy. We were both a little restless for the... Continue Reading →

Date Night in Savannah

Day 44: Friday, May 17: We knew we only had short drive ahead of us today to get to our goal destination city of Savannah, Georgia, and our checkout time was noon, so we took an extra liesurely approach to the morning.Fred still got up early and went for a walk down by the lake... Continue Reading →

Day 43: Meandering through the South

Thursday, May 16: Well, after we left Virginia, our goal was bee-line down to Florida to see my brother and his family before his next military deployment. We tried to coordinate our trip so we could hit DC for Police Week and then get down to Florida before his departure date. But my brother's schedule... Continue Reading →

Day 41: Onward… to Virginia Beach!

Tuesday, May 14: Mike and Marey joined us for breakfast in the RV today. Mike stayed home for the morning to see us off and Marey didn't have any clients until 10am. It worked out so perfectly. It has truly been awesome staying here with them. They really carved out time to make us feel... Continue Reading →

Day 42: We used the A/C!

Wednesday, May 15: We woke up early to the sound of happy birds and very blue sky's. We had to back track down the same teeny road we drove down last night. The only difference was this morning it had traffic on it. Clusters of big trucks kept zipping by us in the on-coming lane.... Continue Reading →

Day 39: Happy Mother’s Day.

Sunday, May 12: Today Vanessa planned a 10am Mother's Day brunch with Long Island style lox and bagels (onions, tomato, cream cheese, & lox on a bagel) with Mamosas, and homemade coffee cake.It was pretty coincidental that Mike and Fred were reading the comics in the Wallstreet Journal. The conversation we were having the night... Continue Reading →

Day 38: Waffles!

Saturday, May 11: Mike made waffles for breakfast! Amazing waffles. I know Fred is an awesome cook, but apparently so is his brother. The waffles tasted like homemade whipped cream but in the form of waffles...How do you even do that?!đź‘Ť After waffles, Vanessa prepped a pot roast for the slow cooker. She is an... Continue Reading →

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