Day 57: Departure Day

Thursday, May 30, 2019: It's hard whenever we know we are leaving a loved one's home. "Departure Day" is so emotionally loaded. We know it's necessary to keep moving and be reasonable with the amount of time we spend in each location but it would feel so good to stay so much longer! Time is... Continue Reading →

Day 56: Pilates with Nadine

Wednesday, May 29, 2019: Today was an exciting day. Nadine took with me her to her Pilates class this morning. I was nervous about keeping up with the class but it was awesome! The instructor, Sara Allegri, is a trainer for Cirque du Soleil. Sara was incredibly attentive and knowledgeable. I knew my posture muscles... Continue Reading →

Day 55: Blueberry Pancakes!

Tuesday: May 28, 2019: We had a great night's sleep. I woke up super refreshed. Fred is back to sleeping in 2 hour bursts broken up by bathroom visits. So his nights are always a little restless. But he slept deeply during his 2 hour sleep intervals. We cuddled on the bed for a bit... Continue Reading →

Day 53: Headed to Houston

Sunday, May 26, 2019: We only slept until 7:00am today but somehow it seemed much later when we got up. It was just one of those groggy, slow mornings where everything felt, "just a little off." I almost spilled an entire basket of blue berries but caught them at the very last minute, then about... Continue Reading →

Day 52: On the road again…

Saturday, May 25, 2019: We were up at 6:30am again today. Going back to the Central Time Zone after a few weeks on Eastern Time really helps to effortlessly become an early riser!😋We seemed to breeze through the morning and get packed up super quickly. We were driving out of the RV park by 930am...... Continue Reading →

Day 50:Visit with Joe!

Thursday, 5/23/19:I never did get to do stand up paddle boarding but I had called a local surfing school a few days ago to see about scheduling a lesson while we were in Florida. Last night before I crawled into bed, the surfing school called back and said I could join a two person class... Continue Reading →

Day 49: Reality check

Wednesday, May 22: I originally wrote this post on the night of the 22nd, when I was more emotional and possibly not viewing things in the most compassionate way. I feel asleep before I added in the photos and then got busy the next day... So now I'm a bit behind... I have since re-processed... Continue Reading →

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