Tour the RV

We had a request for a tour of our RV. Sorry David it took so long to get this up. Waiting out this storm in Fruita has finally given us some time to sit and catch up a bit. We have a class A, Winnebago Sunstar LX 30T, so she is 30 feet long with... Continue Reading →

Baking cookies

Fred has been so eager to test out the convection/microwave oven in the RV. Niether one of us has ever used one before. So today we bought some chocolate chip cookie dough to do a test bake. I was extremely sceptical because the oven did not come with instructions on how to operate it. Fred... Continue Reading →

Hammocks and Happiness

So about 5 years ago, or more, I can't remember now. I bought this awesome hammock at Costco. My head was filled with romantic dreams of lounging in my hammock, sipping a cold drink, feeling the breeze all around me. Enter reality, and I've only used it once. Fred and I tied it under the... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Wheeling in Moab

Today started so beautifully. We stayed in be for about 30 minutes just looking out the window at the giant red rock formations and deciding what they looked like. Then after our usual breakfast routine Fred decided he needed to wash the Jeep before we went 4wheeling. In all honesty, she was filthy, but we... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Making it to Moab

So I may have overdone it a little yesterday and paid the price at the end of the day. Nothing a little rest would not cure. I really should listen more to Trina. :>). I felt much better today and we agreed to make a stop every two hours or so and stretch, eat and... Continue Reading →

Day 2

Day two of our journey was a busy one. We slept well at the Boomtown KOA and got up early for some oatmeal. Then we topped it off by splitting one of Fred's famous blueberry muffins (AKA Travel'n Muffins) for dessert... Why not have a breakfast dessert, right? Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Travel'n Muffin Dessert Then... Continue Reading →

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