Day 37: Bluemont Vinyard

Friday, May 10th: We slept in late today. 8:45am is late for us these days. It was sunny and beautiful today, but super windy.

Mike and Marey had to go to work today so we hung out at the house with Vanessa and her two cute dogs Izzy and Logan.

Fred thought it would be a good day to fix the awning. We had planned on stopping by a Camping World to get it serviced under the warranty but that never seemed to workout. So we went to the nearby Home Depot.

It was about 10:30am when we arrived and the place was packed, not just packed with contractors, but normal looking folks. The parking lot was chaos. The white lines marking the parking spaces had long since worn away and it looked as though people had made a good effort to maintain orderly rows. However the parking pattern that resulted was more like a jagged set of stairs than orderly straight lines.

Fred found the screws he needed for the awning. It just needed two slight fatter lag bolts than what had stripped out. To his surprise the the bolts go straight into the fiber glass.

Fred took a little nap and Vanessa and I sat under the newly fixed awning and played catch with Izzy. Izzy is the master at finding old lacrosse balls in the woods behind the house. Lacrosse was one of the favored sports in the Oakes’ household. So there is an untold number of balls lost out here.

Mike and Marey came home around noon. We all had a quick lunch. Marey is the queen if microwave cuisine so she made us some salmon, quinoa, and broccoli.

After lunch, we all jumped in Marey’s new van and drove out to the Bluemont Vinyard in Bluemont, Virginia. It went from being sunny, to dumping rain, back to sunny again. So by the time we arrived, it was a gorgeous day again.

The Bluemont is located a historic area of Virginia. Everything is old but beautifully maintained.

We had a great time chatting and sipping wine. We shared pizza and smoked brea with wine jelly. It was seriously an atmosphere fit for a romantic movie. And the weather was warm and perfect too. Fred saw some great birds soaring about. We watched this cat pick up a cracker with his paw and eat it like a human. I may have played a little Pokemon with Vanessa. Just a great place to spend some time with awesome people.

The rain we drove through on the way to the vineyard also soaked the RV. That would have normally been ok, but I had accidentally left a window open and the passenger side seat and armrest got super wet. It was a quick clean up but frustrating. The weather was sunny and dry now so I left the window open and opened all the windows to help dry it out.

Vanessa set up a burrito buffet for dinner. I learned an easy way to make guacamole is to smash the avacado with a glass. It’s genius!

We all assembled our burritos and then went downstairs to watch a movie. We watched Instant Family with Mark Walburg. It was pretty funny.

While we watched the movie another storm moved through. It was like a tropical typhoon! It soaked everything. I felt so stupid. Note to self…Stop leaving the windows open!

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