Day 37: Bluemont Vinyard

Friday, May 10th: We slept in late today. 8:45am is late for us these days. It was sunny and beautiful today, but super windy. Mike and Marey had to go to work today so we hung out at the house with Vanessa and her two cute dogs Izzy and Logan. Fred thought it would be... Continue Reading →

Day 36: Welcome to Virginia

It rained all night at our Allentown KOA camp site. But it paid off for us as we awoke to the sounds of a rain forest. There were so many birds chirping, frogs croaking, and wet leave rustling in the breeze. We stayed in bed just looking out the window for a while, taking it... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Shake, Rattle, & Fall Off

I had forgotten how loud and bumpy the road was. According to Google Maps, today's drive from Sturbridge, MA to Allentown, PA was 267 miles, 4 hours 40 minutes. We left our camp ground around 11am and arrived at our current spot in PA around 6pm, with 3 stops: lunch, bathroom break, fuel. That's a... Continue Reading →

Day 34: On the Road Again

We hit the road today, headed towards Virginia. It was really, really hard to leave! We wish we could stay longer but there is still so much we want to see and do. We did our best to drag our feet and savor every last second on the Cape though. We had so much stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 33: Brax and Sunshine

We celebrated a first today... Uncle Bill and Aunt Lois have lived here all their lives and had never been to Brax. They decided to give it a try and invited us. They treated us to lunch today. We even had cheesecake for dessert. 2 slices of cheese cake fed to whole table, with left... Continue Reading →

Day 32: Smith Family Gathering

Today we went to Uncle Bill and Aunt Lois' house for their Sunday family gathering. Bill & Lois spend Sunday mornings with their kids and grandkids. There are 5 kids total: Greg (RIP), Jimmy (lives in Georgia), Julie, Pam (lives in Colorado), and Scott. So it's usually just Julie and Scott and their families.That's who... Continue Reading →

Day 31: 43inch Upgrade

Jacqui decided today was the day to pull the trigger on a bigger, smarter TV.But 1st we needed lunch. Best Buy can't be tackled on an empty stomach. We drove into Hyannis and introduced Jacqui to Chick-Fil-A. I find it amazing that Fred had never been to this awesome establishment before this trip, and it's... Continue Reading →

Day 29: Cold and damp

13 days on the Cape and, with the exception of like 4 days, it's been gray, rainy, and cold the whole time. I'm beginning to feel like I need a UV lamp to simulate some sun on my cheeks 😎. Today was a deep "bone cold" for my candied-Californian-tooshie. I feel like I get colder... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Touring the Cape

Mike and Marey went back home this morning. So Fred and I saw them off and then took the day to go exploring. Fred drove me by a few of his old hangouts and places he worked. I wished I had some GoPros set up to capture the scenary and Fred's narration. We stopped for... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Just Hanging Out

Just a simple Tuesday. It was a cold, rainy day today. But not rainy with big rain drops. Rainy with the kind of heavy, misty air that clings enough to eye glasses and windshields that it's super annoying. I still went for my morning walk. I walk in the small neighborhood just behind Jacqui's house... Continue Reading →

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